Long Island Trial Services
Regular or Preferred ?
You may want to jump an young or aging dog at a lower height than their measured height class, the PREFERRED classes allow you to do this. The Preferred class allows a dog to jump ONE jump height lower than the measured jump height and adds another 5 seconds to the Standard Course Time.

For example, a dog that measures to jump 8" class could jump 4" in the Preferred class or dog measuring in the 24" could jump in the 20" preferred class. You get 5 seconds added to the time of the measured height class.

Regular and Preferred are separate titling classes.
You can switch back and forth between Regular and Preferred classes but dogs must be entered in either Regular or Preferred at the same set of trials, dogs cannot have a crossover of entries at the same set of trials.

All dogs entering the Preferred classes for the first time must enter the Novice level in both the Preferred Standard Agility class and the Preferred Jumpers With Weaves class regardless of their previous title level in the Regular classes (Standard and JWW). There is no grandfathering of titles from the Regular classes to the Preferred classes or from the Preferred classes to the Regular classes.

Owners/Agents are responsible for entering the proper height divisions.  All height divisions will be offered in both the standard classes and the jumpers with weaves classes.

Regular Exhibitors may choose to enter their dog in a higher height division than required by AKC, but not in a height division lower than the AKC mandated height

Preferred The following jump heights must be used in all Preferred Classes.
Height at the withers Regular         Preferred
Dogs 11 inches and under 8 4
Dogs 14 inches and under 12 8
Dogs 18 inches and under 16 12
Dogs 22 inches and under 20 16
Dogs over 22 inches 24 20
Dogs may be entered at 26' at their owners discretion