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Novice Agility Standard & Novice Jumpers With Weaves Classes. The Novice Agility Standard class and the Novice Jumpers With Weaves class are divided into Divisions A and B.

Division A is for dogs that have never acquired any AKC agility title. Additionally, a dog entered in Novice A must be handled by a person that has never put an AKC agility title on any dog, and the handler must be the owner, co-owner, or a member of the owner’s household. Handlers that co-own a dog and have never put an AKC agility title on a dog may enter the Novice A class regardless of the other co-owner’s AKC agility accomplishments. Dogs eligible for Novice A may be entered in the Novice B class at the discretion of the owner.

Division B is for dogs that have acquired the Novice Agility Standard title, or the Novice Jumpers With Weaves title, or for persons who have handled a dog to any AKC agility title, and for dogs being handled by someone other than the owner, co-owner, or household member subject to the restrictions listed above. A dog may continue to be shown in the Novice B class until they have acquired a qualifying score towards their Open title. Whenever the Novice class is offered, both divisions A and B must be offered.

Dogs having attained their first AKC Agility title (Std, JWW, T2B, or FAST) must be moved to the Novice B class (Std, JWW, or FAST) for all trials for which entries have not closed. If entries have already closed on the date the dog obtained its title, the dog shall remain in the class in which it was originally entered or be moved up in level (i.e., Novice to Open) at the request of the owner; subject to the move-up criteria, except as stated in Chapter 1, Section 21 regarding Novice A entries.

Section 21. Entry of Ineligible Dog. A dog which has been entered in a Novice “A” class for which it is not eligible to be entered in due to class restrictions on the dog or handler
The request for the move must be in writing and presented to the superintendent or trial secretary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each trial. The request must state the reason and justification for the move from a Novice “A” class to the Novice “B” class.

Novice A or Novice B?